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The Story Of A Daydream

I will start my story.
My name is Nicole and I am from a very far away country in Europe, the country of Count Dracula, Romania in modern time.

In ancient times, his castle was at the border between Wallachia and Transylvania, the land of green forests 
and blue lakes -Trans-Sylvania, “beyond the forest”.
Since I was a child, I was fascinated about the historical tales with queens and kings, templars and crusades. It was like I was born in that time, and I let my feelings fly in the future. It is like a smell of that medieval time in which you will hear all the time the melodies of Green Sleeves.
I was fascinated to watch movies from that time, to see the habits, the way in which people dressed, eat, sleep, travel, what they did for a living and also the way in which they spent their free time.
I always loved to see nice palaces and houses, the old taverns, fancy dresses and fantastic food, not only the etiquette of high society but also all other people. 
 We all have in our heart and soul a refugee and in both good and bad time, we think it is like a dream that keeps you alive. It is like a flame that gives you the power to act and to all the fantastic things that you only saw in your dreams.
And then the question appears, it’s only a dream or can it just come true?  It is a ghost, a Fata Morgana (Morgana  Girl) and you repeat and say: " No, it’s my dream and I will change the dream into reality." And I did it indeed.
I was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1963, during the communism time and I grew up with all the problems of that time. I remember all good and bad moments of the regime, without hot water, electricity, television, only the main channel in which all the time appeared the dictator, Ceausescu. I remember how long we had to wait to buy things because all was rationalized by the state.
You had money but nothing to buy. Yes, it happened. Maybe you believe or not.
 It is a big part of my life, school, high school, marriage, job, first and real friends, and last but not at least, my daughter Alex, all of this throughout communism time.
And then, BOOM! It was December, 1989 and we thought our lives would change so much. This was the date when the dictator was killed, and for the first time Romania wasn’t under Russian influence.
People were happy and democracy appeared in Romania like a white horse. Now, in this time, a lot of people asked if it was good or not to take this big step. So many lives changed in a moment for good or bad.
Yes, we started to have many political parties, not only the communist one. We had free elections, a lot of products as well as newspapers, TV channels, color TV, Internet, DVD, expensive cars, etc.
And of course the rich ones became richer and the poor ones, poorer. Now there are many things to buy but there is no money.  So now you have all, but the problem was the money.
It is difficult to be old, and with health problems in Romania. It is also difficult to have a child with problems but what we earned was freedom.
Freedom to speak, to help people. The media helped some people to solve their problems.
So, the world changed, maybe not that much, but at least we made some progress and there is still a lot of work to do. 
Romania has a lot of intelligent and hard working people (many international  IT prices, Mathematics and more) who started to be tired of the democratic govern who speaks pretty much but do not too much.
 Perhaps they try but they do not succeed all the time. People get angry, of course because if they  work  hard, they want results, they want a better life for them and their families. This is the reason why many Romanians leave their country and emigrate to Spain, Italy, Norway, to make their dream come true,  to  drive their ideas into facts. 
I graduated from high school and had a degree in History and Geography. All the time I liked to know all about these matters.
After this, I started to work at the Ministry of Tourism. I liked my job very much, all day speaking English with customers and companies and trying to solve all problems. All the time customers were my priority. 
After this I was promoted, I was hired at the first bank of Romania in that time. 
I was so proud of me, and again I worked with the customers  front office more than 21 years. I knew their families, their children, we became like relatives. It was a fantastic time and I was so full of emotions. Thus, I had only three jobs during 31 years. Only three jobs during 31 years because I was too attached to them, to the colleagues, to the boss, to the customers.  It is fantastic when you see that you are appreciated for your effort, you give a part from your heart to all of them. This means that you really care.
Because of my job I got a beautiful connection with people, it is amazing.
One day, when I was solving an issue from a branch of our bank, I called abroad where the international support center was, and I really found a fantastic person, a real friend, a hard working person who helped me in very short time to solve the problems of our customers.
And in this way I started a new chapter of my life. In that moment, I met my best friend from Costa Rica, Siang Prat Gomez. If somebody had predicted to me that one day I would leave far away from Romania, I would have said immediately, "No way, you are joking, I cannot believe it." It is true, that call changed all my life, and my vision of life. It is like when you are a child and someone asks you, "What you want to do when you will grow up?" This happened with me.
I invited Siang to come to Romania to see the country of Dracula, with castles, with medieval cities (Brasov, Sighisoara, Cluj, Medias) with Wild Carpathians, with Danube Delta, with Black Sea, Unesco Monasteries from Bucovina (Moldovita, Sucevita, Humor, Voronet, Putna, Agapia).
With its wonderful capital Bucharest.
There are a lot of nice places to see but also it is still a lot to invest for the country to get the  high level of other European capitals. Examples are Prague and Oslo,  where they give a lot of importance to the tourism and make  nice and good investments on tourism.
So, Siang liked it so much that she visited Romania 5 times, and all the time we visit other places, but also all the time she was so delighted about Dracula’s castle that we visited it all the time. Siang is like a sponge, she knows more history and geography of Romania than Romanians themselves.  She likes to read a lot, and likes to see all, although she may be tired, she pushes herself all the time and finds the power to continue.
All the time when we visited other places in Romania, we stayed in touristic boarding houses for Siang to receive the nice welcome from the hosts because these are Romanian people, warm and kind to receive people.
I did not want her to receive the cold welcome from a hotel.  She likes the Romanian style, the Romanian dishes, the people, and this was the reason that she visits Romania so often.  In 2010 I visited Costa Rica, and WOW, was another world for me, nature, flowers, animals, national parks, volcano, too. It was a fantastic experience to see its churches, the oceans, the mountains, the exotic animals and flowers. Costa Rican people are very warm and helpful. I understood then why it is said that Costa Rica is the happiest country of the world.
In that moment, Siang had a fantastic idea: to open a medieval hostel in Costa Rica.  After she saw all in Romania about Dracula’s Castle, she said, "Why not to open this castle here in San Jose?" And the idea started to be in our minds to see in what way we can do all to be possible and our dream to come true: The First Medieval Hostel In Costa Rica.
I came back to Romania and I started to build this dream step by step in order to be prepared when the moment would come. Also Siang started to do the same  in Costa Rica.
In that moment, I realized that we have a fantastic dream and we must do everything to succeed.
So, I went back to Romania and I started my preparation.
 I took all from zero. Of course, that everybody thinks they know to do all very well, even what is regarding cooking.
No way, nothing like this. Indeed, something is cooking at home and another is cooking at a restaurant. So, I started. I took many courses of chef, a lot of theory and also practice. But if I promised myself that I would do it, I did after my work days, each day in a restaurant or at the schools. It was hard work but I learned a lot and I had many well prepared and known professors.
 This is me, this is Nicoleta. 
I am a food blogger, (top 60 in Romania) and since I started my preparation I had a lot of events in my life.also a lot of receipe appeared in gastronomic magazine in Romania like:

 I was elected between last 50 participants in Masterchef Romania, first edition, out of 3000 people. I was  on  gastronomic tv-show ”Euforia Cuisine” with Executive Chef Cezar Munteanu. Also at B1TV on “Salt in the Food” preparing a fantastic Red Onion Chutney.

I had a food demonstration at “Bucharest Food Festival” in 2010, with my soul recipe “Tochitura lu’ tanti Florica”. I prepared very famous recipes: Beef Wellington, Tornedou Rossini and Caesar Salad. This recipe is mine and it is a legacy from my grandfather who had a restaurant in 1940's in Romania and this recipe was all the time prepared there. With this recipe I won a lot of prizes and also I appeared in food magazines and books of gastronomy. Demonstation at Bucharest Food Festival 2010, 

and also i gave some interviews:

 If you will be one day our guest you will want to taste this dish, be sure you will not regret it.
Also in the menu you will find a lot of fantastic dishes with Romanian and medieval influence.
Not to mention the fact that you will be able to eat the food with your hands, just like in the medieval times.
Siang will prepare delicious cocktail from exotic fruits.
You will enjoy one of the most exotic and delicious coffees in the world: Costa Rican coffee.
So we both, the owners of the hostel, are preparing to wait for you in our hostel. You will receive a warm and exceptional treatment. All the time you will have a friend to help you.  This is the reason why our hostel is a small one, only for 10 people, to give all full attention that all and each of our guests deserve. We are here for you.

So, let´s start our journey in this medieval adventure.

Siang & Nicole
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Catering Menu Last List

Chef Nicole presents to you our list of products. Enjoy and contact us for more informations and orders. 

We are specialized in European & Medieval food and provide good, clean and quick services. 

Trust us and you will have a perfect event with Transilvania Hostel & Catering Events.  
tel: 506-710.280.92  506- / 506-4700.53.69

Bicolor terrine of beans with nori, and terrine of cheese in red mantle of red pickled pepper (Syr Syr terina plášťpaprikovouuhorkouCzechRepublic, France, Romania)Terina fasole= 600 col
Boeuf Salad(France) 850 col/ 50gr
Canelon of melón filled with mousse of cheese creme and capers(Italian) 680 col
Gazpacho of cucumber(Greece) 500 col/ cu bacon 670 col

Cherry tomatoes filled with mouse of eggplant on a spoon(Romanian) 750 col
Chicken salad with mango & cilantro(Costa Rica) 1400 col

Crostini with: mashrooms, beans or humus(Italian&Middle East)
beans 600 col,
mashrooms 730 col humus 625 col
Cruton with Mini Caprese(Italian)
with pesto  2500 col/bucata
Devil’s Egg with germini(USA)
1400 col
Filled Mashroom(Romanian/ France) 1700 col
Gazpacho with shrimps served on a shot(Spain) 600 col shot  / with shrimp 1300 col
Greek Salad(Greece)
820 col shot normal cheese
2853 col cu BABYmozzarela
Medieval Salad(Romanian) 700 col / 50gr
German potato salad (Germany)
750 col
Chiken on a grill with salad of vegetables, dressing on the glass 100 gr /1200 col
Scotch eggs served with avocado purre in a spoon(Scotland) 900 col/buc
Shrimps on Kiwi with cheese creem & blacksesami(Norway) 2400 col
Tuna Salad with vegetables(Sweden)
300 gr / 4000 col

Tart filled with eggplant, lettuce, tomatoes, and black sesame(Romania)
Tzuchini pane with garlic or hot salsa(Romania / Italy) 600 col + dressing
Zacusca / Zakuska(Transilvanian Receipe with Hungarian/Slovakian influence) 600 col /50gr
Hummus(Middle East) 50 gr 700col
Mash beans pure with caramelized onion decorations with yuca chips
700 col/50 gr
Pork salad with BBQ sauce, red cabbage and germini 1200 col
Vol-au-Vent(France)pork or 1000 col chicken meat farse & vegetables
Cawliflower breaded(SmazenyKvetakSlavakia)with remoulad sauce(Slovacia) 700 col
Zakuski(Leko) with 1 slice of smoked chorizo & germini(zacusca s plátkom klobásou a vyklíčili)Slovacia /Romania 1000 col
Mini chicken strips breaded with salad or purple mouse of red cabbage. 800col
Quail egg on mouse of white
beans or guacamole decórate with germini 1300 col( 1 quail egg+50gr mousse
Quique Loraine 10 portii 120-140gr/ 2100-2500 col each

Tart with bacon, Apple & Onion 8-10 portii / 120-140g/ 1800 col each
Chicken mouse roulade with vegetables and jelly of mango 1000 col, 40g
Trio terine 1200 col
Shrimps with salad of cous-cous vegetales & raisins in Martini Cup 1500 col / 100gr
Bicolore roulade with cheese creme, spinach and red pepper 800 col
Grill Chicken Breast with salad on Martini Cup 120gr /1.300 col

Clams in white wine sauce with aromatic herbs(Spain)
Croquette cheese / ham(France) with dressing of garlic & sour cream 700 COL
Meatballs with a sort of: bakecrumbs: flour, sesami, poppy, cornflakes(650 COL each  30gr simpl, International, Slovakian)
Mini Snitzer(Austria,  Germany, Slovacia,Czechrepublic, Romania) 1.000 COL each/60gr
Pinchos chicken with vegetables(International) 150gr 2.200 COL/ each
Micii(Romaniantraditional, rolls of beefmeat)
80gr / 1.500 col/buc

Mini Hamburgers 118gr/1.500 col

MAIN DISH Medieval Plateau 1-10 perssones
Bloody &Spicey  Dracula Tochitura(Romania) 300gr product
12$ no garnish, 16$ with polenta, cheese and egg
Platou for milady
(mixx grilled): 1 chicken skewel with vegetables, 1 medalion of pork on the grill, 2 MICI, rolls of beef meat, Romanian speciality, golden & fluffy potatoes, garlic sauce, salada of red, white cabbage and carrot
1,000 Kg /20 $ /12.000 COL
The Sausage of the Templier Knight
for 1-2 pers(pork sausage 500 gr, potatoes 400gr, vegetable on the grill 200gr,salad of pickled pepper 180gr, and garlic sauce 50gr /25 $ / 14.000 COL / 1,300kg
Dracula Dinner – Plateau for 2 pers.
(1 whole chicken, 2 pork marinate medallions, 4 mince meat beef rolls  MICI, Romanian traditional speciality, golden and fluffy potatoes with paprika and garlic, salad of white & red cabbage and carrot, and 2 garlic sauce) , 2.320 kg/ 1000/200/320/400/300/100gr / 47$ / 26.000 COL

Sword of king Dracula
Plateau for 4-6pers
(2 whole chicken, 4 skewels marinate with orange juice & zest, thyme and herbs, 4 pork marinate medallions with thyme, oregano, garlic and olive oil 8 mince meat beef rolls  6 MICII, Romanian traditional speciality, accompanied by golden and fluffy potatoes with paprika and garlic, salad of white & red cabbage and carrot, and 4 garlic sauce) 2000/600/400/640/800/600/200 gr/ 131$ /5,500 kg/130$ /65.000 COL

The Templar FestinPlateau for 8-10 pers(4 whole chickens, 8 chicken skewels, 8 pork cotlets, 16 MIcii, 2 kg potatoes net,  vegetables on the grill(eggplant, onion, tzuchini), 1,5 kg of salad and 8 garlic sauce)   11.330 kg / 170.000 COL / 325$

Tzuica(Romania) plums / pears shot 50 ml 1000 col / 2$
Morata 50 ml / 1000 COL/2$

Desert on theShot(France) 570 col pieces
Tarte (France) & Mini tarte filled with creme patissiere and fresh fruits
Romanian Apple pie with strawberry, vanilla sauce, and caramel, 1500 col pieces. /20 pieces 30.000 col
Jam rulade / Koláč s bobule jam(Slovakia)
Lemon Tarte
Apple Roses